Last night I was 4,000. Today, I’m over 30,000

Yesterday, soon after waking up – coffee in hand, I prepared my post on gurning. I checked my hits: 4,011 since I started on March 5, 2008. Three days ago, Robs Megaphone was in the 2,000 range, but my pic Silly sign #16 went to the top on

Today, soon after I woke up – coffee brewing, I checked my hits: 31,000. I’ve had over 26,000 hits since I posted Silly headlines: dead funny.  21,000 alone came from (which I hadn’t even heard of before now). I ‘ve spent most of my time since then deleting email notifications to check my comments.  After wading through the comments, I noticed there was a debate on the authenticity of the headline. I’d like to clear that up right now.

The answer is – drum roll please – I have no idea. 🙂   The picture was sent to  me by a friend. I laughed, then posted it to share the joy. I’ve googled the headline, and I  found that it has been around. Several comments from the graphic arts world called the pic a good forgery, and several from the newspaper industry believe it could be authentic – they’ve seen slip-ups like this. I was glad to find that even those who thought the pic. might have been photoshopped had a good laugh.

My goal here at Robs Megaphone is twofold:

1. to post about writing – specifically trying to make learning about grammar and writing fun, and

2. to post funny, interesting stuff.

When planning for Robs Megaphone, I had hoped that visitors who stopped by for the “funny, interesting stuff” would meander through my Rob’s library and stumbleupon – I mean discover and enjoy my musings on writing. For those who visited Rob’s Megaphone for my writing posts, I wanted to have something fun to laugh and think about.

I’m new to blogging, but I’m having a blast. I hope you enjoy Robs Megaphone. I look forward to your continued comments, and I will do my best to inform and entertain with – as the great Arsenio Hall put it – things that make you go hmmmmmm.

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  1. Holy… What did you do to get 30,000 over hits?

  2. wow 😀 30 000 hits over night is pretty interesting 😀 I would think it’s just some mistake if that ever happened to me 😀

    Anyway, I like your blog especially because of that diversity. Writing stuff is extremely helpful and sometimes really funny (e.g. write good is *brilliant*) and even though I am not into funny pics like “dead funny” I like to browse through this stuff, too 🙂
    So keep it up and hope you get more hits! 🙂 At least then there might be fewer people with terrible grammar 😀

    And when I speak about grammar, can I please ask you something? I argued with my English teacher today (she hardly speaks English) about the sentence “The saying that the U.S. is a melting pot *means/meaning* that there is one homogenous American nation living there does not hold true any longer”.

    I said it must be *means* she said there is *meaning* in the key (of course she always has to rely on keys)

    So thanks very much in advance 🙂

    And once again congrats on your hits! Highly deserved :))

  3. Congratulations Robert. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  4. Reddit isn’t quite as popular as Slashdot or BoingBoing, but it ain’t none too bad.

    Spend these 15 minutes of Internet fame wisely. 🙂

  5. If i killed you, can i keep your site?