Close your eyes and see image of Jesus

Close your eyes and see image of Jesus or, if you prefer, kid Rock.

Stare at the four dots while counting to 30. Close your eyes and wait.



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  1. Really neat. It’s about a minute since I tried it and I still see Jesus/Kid Rock. It’s neat to see the image float along when you move you eyes in another direction.

  2. HM…I wonder if that grilled cheese sandwich which was sold on Ebay was actually Kid Rock doing a promo stunt. 🙂

  3. Looks like my friend Rich 😀

    I love optical illusions!

  4. wow 😀 that was interesting 😀

  5. ommgggggg
    he look sooo cuteeee
    n i will alwayz luv him no matter wat

  6. This is awesome, I was just sitting at home, and I found this, I was scared at first but something was telling me not to be afraid, so i did it and I saw his face with a circular frame and I felt very calm. 🙂