80’s retro nostalgia

1980’s Rewind

Sometimes I get a little nostalgic for the 1980s?  . . .  that era of early video games, MTV, and The Breakfast Club. After catching an episode of Full House on Nick at Nite, I put down my Rubik’s cube, grabbed a can of TAB,  and did a little retro surfing. Join me as I step back in time: watch some commercials, listen to some tunes, play a cool game, or catch up on trivia. Hope it brings back some fun memories for you.

Listen to 80s tunes
Play an 80s Video Game


#1 Movies of the 80s

1980. The Empire Strikes Back
1981. Raiders of the Lost Ark
1982. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
1983. Return of the Jedi
1984. Ghostbusters
1985. Back to the Future
1986. Top Gun
1987. Three Men and a Baby
1988. Rain Man
1989. Batman




#1  TV Shows of the 80s

1980. Dallas
1981. Dallas
1982: 60 Minutes
1983: 60 Minutes
1984: Dynasty
1985: The Cosby Show
1986: The Cosby Show
1987: The Cosby Show
1988: The Cosby Show
1989: Rosanne

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  1. Thanks for a great trip down memory lane! It is amazing how much has changed since then. Some things have changed for the better but I know a lot has changed for the worse. At least can keep the good stuff inside of us!

  2. Ah…good memories of some great times. Thanks! 😀

  3. I am quite OK with 8)’s stuff – just NO DisCO!!!!

  4. Thanks for the memories!!

  5. I can remember watching everyone of those movies as if it was yesterday!

  6. Every single one of those movies is an all time classic.

    Most of which have already been, or in the process of being made into a modern day version.

    Star Wars, Indy, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, Batman

  7. Loved them all and watched them all except 60 minutes.

    #1 for me ET in 1982

  8. We were horribly spoiled in the movie department, weren’t we?

  9. Damn right The Cosby Show took the top spot for four years! That show was amazing! But it’s interesting that Roseanne took the top honor the following year… perhaps America was ready for a change?