Enjoy popcorn without all that hassle

Do you find that there are some foods that require extra effort to consume, but are, sometimes, simply worth the reward? I mean couldn’t the waiter remove the crab from its legs before it got to my table, c’mon! And what’s up with that whole peel your own shrimp thing? Geez.

And what about popcorn? Who can resist the allure of buttered popcorn?

Well, apparently,  until now not everyone partakes in the mini puffed-up kernels of  happiness.   That whole, reaching in the bag thing for a popped corn niblet or two, can put a serious hampering on the entire popcorn experience. BUT NO MORE. Now you can join the cool people who eat popcorn totally hands free. Check this out!

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  1. Hi Rob! Pop! I can’t eat popcorn because of my bad teeth. This is a great idea though!