Silly Signs 41: What the ??????

Silly Signs 41


What the ????



Silly Signs: what the ?????

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  1. I wonder what the left lane must do? Very funny.

  2. Laughs… I did that “restroom” sign in front of the elevator in a hotel I stayed in in Ohio Two Years Ago – Was Hilarious. I was watching from the room and almost passed out from laughter over and over!

  3. I bet the employee who approved for that signage to be installed there got fired 😛

  4. What are you suppose to pee in the elevator?? lmao!

  5. The elevator one is a scream but the lubricated chain link fence one is perplexing.

  6. >>What are you suppose to pee in the elevator?? lmao!<<

    Well, people do! Especially in multi-storey car parks!

  7. So after you get into the elevator, then you have to push the button for either #1 or #2? 😀

    Funny stuff, Dr. Rob! Thanks for the daily laugh!

  8. The fence is lubricated to discourage someone climbing or otherwise mounting it. Funny, because lubricant is more commonly used to facilitate mounting.

  9. Wise and Gentle Man

    I suppose the lubricant could facilitate mounting one of the fence posts in a painful location……