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The following is a recap, summary, and confirmation of recent retail activities and acquisitions in the Greenwood area.

The new Walmart Supercenter to be built between The Spinx and Subway on Hwy 72 is now official. Walmart signed on the dotted line today. This should attract additional new businesses to that area.

Harbor Freight is going in the space between Great Wall and Farmer’s Furniture in the K-Mart Plaza.

J Peters will move into the Fin n Filet  building on August 1.

Uptown Sushi on Waller Avenue will be a fusion style Japanese Korean restaurant in the near future.

Publix Supermarket and Pharmacy (and assorted unnamed shops) will open at the end of August.

The Textile building  beside Howard’s on Main has been purchased. Plans are underway for residential living.

A new Dollar General is going up across from EXPO 300 on Montague Ext.

Phase 1 of the Grace Street Park will open in October with a walking trail, pavilion, and a Dog Park (separate space for small, and large breeds) See Map

A 24 hour fitness facility will open this fall above Buffalo Grill.

As more information comes in, you will find it right here. . .

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  1. I thought Walmart was building a grocery-only store over by the Spinx…..not a entire new supercenter.

    • Robert Stevenson

      I checked with the Mayor… It will be a regular Super Walmart. Slightly bigger than the current one.

  2. Still, no Target.

  3. Why in the world does Greenwood need 2 super walmarts?

    • Eventually Greenwood would have gotten another Wal-Mart, so why not now…Greenwood is growing like Anderson and surrounding areas, so get over it already!

  4. Will the current store remain open after the new sore is open?

  5. Bring in a Stein Mart.

  6. walmart cannot keep the current one stocked….why build another one except to put more mom and pop stores out of business…..i say shut it down………….

    • Agreed. I went into the other one for four normal items and three of them were out of stock. Plus, why is there so much build-up on the bypass if it’s supposed to be a bypass? It’s faster to drive across Cambridge Ave.

  7. Yay, on the super Wal-Mart! It will be so much more convenient for those of us that live on that side of town.

  8. So happy for the dog park to open! Greenwood needs more dog-friendly businesses!

  9. I plan on contacting walmart corporate about this. Building a second super center in Greenwood is ludicrous. The one we have is under staffed and understocked in the first place. Greenwood would be better served if they took the planned staff at the new store and added them to the current one. By the way if you shop at the new store you ice cream will still be melted before you get checked out. I used to live in that community. With the stores that were in that area I found that I didn’t need to make trips to Walmart with the sole exception of the few items that only Walmart in Greenwood sales. For the people that live in 96 etc that whine about not having a closer walmart….move yourself. Greenwood is restaurant happy with a minor interest in retail. What about skilled labor jobs? That is what greenwood needs. By the way the bypass already can’t handle the high volume of retail traffic. Walmart super center is NOT a sign of good economy. Their own planning says they are typically built in rural areas that don’t have a well diversified retail experience and the people have no better place to go…my rant is long enough now. I’ll take future comments to my personal blog.

  10. Is Kmart closing down in greenwood

  11. GREAT informative site