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Below are selected comments on my posts for the last 30 days. There were many other wonderful posts, but I couldn’t fit them all here. I really appreciate when my visitors are able to leave a comment. I hope if you agree with a comment or see a site that looks interesting to you, you’ll visit. If you mention that I sent you, I’d be in your debt.

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AvidReader 2008/04/24

These pictures are hilarious! You are worth coming to see every day! Thanks for sharing.

From Silly stuff 2 (pics),

Jack Payne 2008/04/24

Gosh. Rob. All these years–a whole working career to be exact–of writing (7,000,000 words in print), and here I never gave a second thought to English. Now, you come along and, with all of your provocative stuff, make me think I should go back to school and study English.

Man, you sure know how to foist an inferiority complex on a guy.

From English is nutty 2

Bob Younce at the Writing Journey 2008/04/22 |

Great post. I, for one, love the idiosyncrasies of language. It reminds us of the imperfect nature of human beings.

In some ways, that’s why Esperanto never caught on – it was too precise.

From English is nutty.


Oddly enough, worms that are allergic to milk are somehow able to sneeze with their eyes open. Amazing? Absolutely.

From Random Facts 7

Ben Abba

I really enjoyed your article Rob. Ironically, I am writing articles about people who already have lived 150 years or more; and I am in the process of writing a book about a living, breathing immortal whom I fully believe is nearly 2,800 years old.

My intentions was to find out how these amazing people survive for so many years. I fully believed that if we could model the lifestyle of these supercentenarians, we too could live a much longer and healthier life style. I have summarized what I have found on my main blog: which I intent to publish starting with my first book: “Secrets of an Immortal – An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History”.

Hopefully these topics have enough novelty with bizarre to be of great news value to many.

From How to use news values


Excellent advise Rob, I usually try – when possible – to start my articles with a topical hook.

From How to use news values

tcip (no blog)

Your stuff is great! You are writing well and I hope you’re living well too.

From Silly signs #26


Too Funny. Linked it to my blog

From Silly News 3, 2008/04/17


Very funny! I’m a wealth of useless information, so this is perfect for me

Great blog, I’ll be back.

From Random Facts 6,


Great blog! I love deep thinkers and UFO stuff!

As a note, check out this blog: (not my blog – just found it thru another post) What is the WORLD in this blog all about? Armageddon, (the end of the world), Religions, UFO.s, time Travel, etc… Someone may be smoking something, but it is worth a read! Again good content!

From UFO Welcome Center,


Wow! I will have to remember these so I can look clever. funny-thanks for sharing.

From Random Facts 6


another good won. Dugg and stumbled!!

From Silly News 3


This is really funny. And to think that the two guys actually spoke to her in english and german.

From Can you speak English?

Bob Younce at the Writing Journey

This is tremendous. Interrobang. Who would have known?!

From Odd words: Interrobang,

From Silly Signs #22,


dugg it! Gosh you’re like the sign joke of the day guy.

From Silly Signs #22,

Politcial Disgust

another great one my friend.

I think I am going to…..GO LEFT!

From Silly Signs #22,

Donald Harbour

I had a tremendous case of writers block, burnout is what I call it. I am no longer earning a living writing, now it’s for fun. However, to break the curse of mental constipation, I arose an hour earlier than I normally did, each hour for a month. I immediately went to the kitchen table, sat down with a notebook and pen and started writing about the first thing that came into my mind for five minutes. My object was to write a short story to conclusion in five minutes. It was fascinating. I still have the notebook and have a hard time making out my scribbling since my thoughts were flowing so fast I could barely keep up. That mental colon irrigation was never needed again. After thirty days I had thirty stories. I enjoyed your article and will save it for my own reference. Thank you.

From Overcoming writer’s block


Excellent advise. As I was reading your post a quote I read somewhere came into my mind. I can’t remember who said it, but here it is anyway. ‘The only way to write is to apply the seat of the pants to the chair.

From Overcoming writer’s block


Reddit isn’t quite as popular as Slashdot or BoingBoing, but it ain’t none too bad.

Spend these 15 minutes of Internet fame wisely.

From Last night I was 4,000. Today, I’m over 30,000,

Jeff Lloyd

These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

From Write Good 4: Don’t wright like this.,

Lenka Bliss

W ow 30 000 hits over night is pretty interesting I would think it’s just some mistake if that ever happened to me Anyway, I like your blog especially because of that diversity. Writing stuff is extremely helpful and sometimes really funny (e.g. write good is *brilliant*) and even though I am not into funny pics like “dead funny” I like to browse through this stuff, too

So keep it up and hope you get more hits! At least then there might be fewer people with terrible grammar

And once again congrats on your hits! Highly deserved :))

From Last night I was 4,000. Today, I’m over 30,000,


By the way: this is a terrific blog. You’re a wonderful resource for any writing teacher. I’ve taught journalism at the college level, and I only WISH you’d started this blog while I taught. I would have sent all my students here. You’re funny and smart. Great job.

-Elizabeth Williams Bushey, Inkless Tales A web site for kids, offering poems, stories, games and more. Endorsed by the American Library Association, the Internet Public Library, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and Reading Is Fundamental (RIF).

From Leading by example: Write good


Oh my goodness…this is so funny. Maybe we should consider the existance of vampires and zombies. What do you think?

From Silly headlines: dead funny


This is brilliant. I’m stealing it. Thanks!

From Write Good 3: subtly blatant

The Swell Guy

I love your last two posts on writing. Both are Very accessible with great content. Don’t forget you can post them on “The Idiots Guide to Blogging”!

From Write good 2,


I just love your posts regarding silly signs! Never fails to give me a laugh, care to link up my blog? I’ve added you to my links!

From Silly sign #19,


I love running into websites and blogs that deal with the subject of writing – and all the things associated with it. It is one of those art forms that I see fastly fading – at least in a non-electronic format. So thank you for dedicating your time to the subject of writing, it is appreciated!!



Hi Robert,

This is an excellent post. You have written it for those who meet face-to-face. I’m wondering how much of our misunderstandings in the cyber world are caused by not being able to use all of our senses when communicating and how we could improve our listening and broadcasting skills there too.

From Effective Listening


That’s the clearest explanation for “show, don’t tell” I have ’seen’. Had to go make

myself a sandwich by the time I finished reading what was in your lunch, though! 😉

Excellent work on your blog, Robert, and I will visit as time allows. Will be sure to tell others, as well.

Thank you for the invite!

From For improved writing, think visually


Excellent post, and examples. I like the casual readability of your posts – it makes learning something more fun. I happen to be one of those people who has some sort of internal grammar switch – it’s never been hard for me. Just one of those things, I guess. I wish I also had a math switch.

From “Does it sound right?”…………………doesn’t work anymore

Luis and Joan

Could not agree with you more! My husband and I run a Spanish Language program out of Minnesota ( and when we ask our students why they want to study, they tell us that they feel at a disadvantage while traveling. So often they find people who know some English, while they know none of the other language. This, they feel really isolates them from the place they have come to experience. Your point exactly. In fact we have just launched an on-line video learning program that brings Spanish learners to real conversations with native speakers. Nothing is contrived or scripted. My husband extrapolates pieces of the conversations then and teaches their significance…..the point is to help Spanish language learners get inside the culture as they are learning which gives the language context and enriches their learning beyond their expectations. Great article. Thanks. Joan Rojas

From Spanish makes a great second language

J A Glinton

Hi Robert, I like your site’s layout! Here’s something along the lines of getting fired that may interest you: I’ve just learnt that in spoken Chinese, the phrase ‘to fry cuttlefish’ means ‘to get fired by somebody’. I don’t know why this is, though. Cheers!

From Random Facts 2

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