Ladies and Gentlemen: PUBLIX of Greenwood

Meet Kim Reynolds

Media Specialist with Publix supermarket here to welcome you to Greenwood’s brand new shopping center located at 479 Bypass 72 NW in Greenwood, SC. If you share this video on your page and then come back here and tell me, I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a $25 Public gift card. A winner will be chosen on September 10.ย  Mark your calendars. The grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014, 7 a.m.

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  1. I shared! Can not wait on Publix to open. : )
    When I lived in Irmo my home was 2 minutes from one location and I went in that store at least 3 times a week.
    Love love love Publix.

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  3. Shared! Can not wait! Bye-Bye, BiLo and Walmart!

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  8. I shopped at Publix in Marietta and love it.

  9. Done!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Okay Ms. Reynolds, I wasnt’ sure if you meant physically tell you at the store or post it here. So – I did share it on my FB page. Looking forward to the store opening!!!!

  11. Shared! Looking forward to Publix!

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  13. So ready for Publix to open in Greenwood!!!

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  16. I shared on FB..please enter me in the contest.

  17. Just shared on Facebook! I cannot wait to begin shopping at Publix!

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  19. Cant wait til it opens

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  26. Shared link…so excited!!!

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  28. love PUBLIX…shopped them in places I have lived …

  29. I shared the video. I can’t wait for Publix to open in Greenwood.

  30. I shared on my FB page. Looking forward to shopping at Publix.

  31. I was more than happy to SHARE this fantastic news!!! I can hardly wait until September 20th!!!

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  34. I Am so looking forward to the opening of this Publix!

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  36. Shared! Can’t wait!

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  38. I shared! Super excited for the publix!

  39. I shared and am looking forward to September 20th!

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  41. I shared and am so excited that you have come to Greenwood!

  42. Shared it and I can’t wait to shop there!

  43. Shared your video. Looking forward to visiting you in my hometown!

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  46. Shared. Excite about new completion and the wonderful produce section.

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  48. I shared the video and would love to win the $25 gift card!

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    I shared it Oirraka Jackson

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  66. I shared. Thanks for the information. Excited about the new store.

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  71. Do excited about our Publix.

  72. Shared. Publix is THE BEST grocery store ever! I can’t wait till it opens in Greenwood ๐Ÿ™‚

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  88. I shared. I can’t wait for them to open.

  89. Shared! Thank you Publix for coming to Greenwood!

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  91. Shared on my FB page! Looking forward to Publix opening! Hope you have more Organic Produce and other organic foods in your stores. I go to Whole Foods in Greenville about once a week to buy those things. Wal-Mart has lost much of my business, so my family is glad to see the competition here in Greenwood and have more variety.

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  96. I shared this! I can hardly stand the wait until opening day! I miss being able to shop at Publix and have been beyond excited since I learned we were getting one here! Hope there’s a HIGI station here!

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  107. Did it Anjelique Belcher

  108. I moved from Florida and LOVE Publix!! Thank you for coming to Greenwood. I just wish the grand opening was while I was planning on being out of town!

  109. Finally! Been emailing Publix for years requesting a store in Greenwood. Can’t wait. Goodbye Wally World and Bi-Lo. Got my green shirt ready for the grand opening.

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  125. Nice to meet you Kim!! The vimeo is shared on my Facebook wall with all my friends. Good luck to everyone who enters!

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  133. Good luck in your new location in Greenwood!

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