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Has U-Haul Answered Our Question?

Since AMERICO purchased Greenwood, SC’s vacant K-mart building in October 2018, the question has filled local social media: “What will they put there?” AMERICO is a property development firm that supports U-Haul by creating additional storage space.

Still, no announcement had been made confirming what AMERICO intends to do with their more than $6 million purchase.

Pictures of the vacant K-mart location seem to answer the question.

Here’s a view just inside the former K-Mart building on the corner of 72 bypass and Montague Avenue.

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  1. Why put another storage facility. The kmart building would have made better use as a target or something that would create more jobs for a lot of people. We have several uhaul companies operating in Greenwood. What about looking into transportation such as a bus or any type of public transportation other than the cab service. What is the mutual benefit of another storage facility. How is that benefiting the residents of Greenwood.

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