“Happy Spring Contest”

Happy Spring!

March 20 is the first day of Spring

Tell your friends why you like Greenwood Calendar and win two REI Movie Tickets and $25 gift card to Applebee’s. Be sure to let me know how you spread the word, and I’ll enter your name in the contest. Drawing on Saturday….


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  1. Greenwood calendar keeps me informed and up to date on all the up to date happenings and openings in Greenwood. I have forwarded links to my FB

  2. It is a great way to access all the happenings in one central location.

  3. Catherine Streeter

    Greenwood calendar keeps me updated to the happenings in Greenwood. Being new to the area this is a great tool! I have shared to my FB page

  4. Sharing your post on FB. Greenwood Calendar has all the latest news on what is going on in Greenwood. So thankful for GC.

  5. Great info on happenings in our hometown.

  6. Shared on FB. I love Greenwood Calendar because the keep me updated on what new businesses are opening.

  7. I love Greenwood Calendar. I love the posts that show what’s coming to Greenwood 🙂

  8. Cool way to know about what’s going on in greenwood. Did not know about greenwood calendar until I saw it on someone’s Facebook page.

  9. Greenwood calendar is all about our community. You give us more info that’s not in the local newspaper. All of us can’t keep up with the local events, the ones that’s really too busy to sit down and read the paper. One click, and you provide all the “goings on”. Thanks for keeping the community informed. Great job Greenwood calendar.

  10. Greenwood calendar is all about our community. Great info that we don’t read in local paper. It’s so nice to see regular updates on fb. Very informative and a caring group of folks providing Greenwood with the info y’all do. Keep up the great work you all do. Yalls hard work and time you take to care about Greenwood is very much appreciated.

  11. Brandon davenport

    I always share the new information with all my Facebook friends and spread the word to the older folks who do t have Facebook I love being able to find out what’s going on in greenwood and love what’s happening in our town. We have really add some amazing progress over the last few years