Greenwood’s Growing Again

Panera-BreadGreenwood’s Growing Again

According to a trusted source, it is now confirmed that Greenwood, SC is getting a Panera Bread Co. to be located, well watch the video. Date of groundbreaking is still not determined.


Planet Fitness will be opening soon in the WalMart shopping center in the building to the far left that used to be home to Goody’s. Check out the Greenwood Planet Fitness website   


13718558_1826067250959484_5515175189637214217_nJust opened two weeks ago, Crispy Yummy donuts. Located adjacent to Carolina Tavern and Pier 1 imports,  Crispy Yummy has more than just awesome donuts. Burgers, Philly cheese steak and more. Check out their Facebook page.


Greenwood's growing again


Just behind the Greenwood Mall and beside the post office, the new Greenwood Holiday Inn Express set to open later this year will adopt the Formula Blue concept.


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  1. Greenwood can get all this other unecessarily garbage as if Greenwood doesn’t have enough obesity already… im moving away fron Greenwood is we cant get a Dunkin Donuts or a Krispy Kream within the next year

  2. Greenwood is growing, not just in more businesses, but awful in growing traffic on 72 bypass, something’s has got to be done, too many accidents, every time you go on that bypass, you will sirens, either ambulance or fire trucks.


      This is what happens when your city is progressing . Bad comes with the good. You want Greenwood to grow. We as individuals just have to drive much safer and slower.