Dr. Rob receives award from Lander University

Hi friends,  I was notified this evening that an article about me appears on the Lander University homepage. I am very happy to learn of this recognition, and I wanted to share it with all of you. I must admit I debated whether or not to include it on Rob’s Megaphone, but in the end I decided it was relevant. If you don’t agree, well you’re probably not still here  🙂 The screen capture image could not include the entire article, so if you want, you can click on the picture or HERE to read the article in its entirety.                                           







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  1. w00t! Good for you Rob. You deserve recognition and I’m so glad you received this award. 🙂

  2. What an achievement. You have a right to feel proud of yourself. Well done. 🙂

  3. WOW! Congratulations Dr. Stevenson!

  4. Congratulations Robert! Swell Guy and I were talking at lunch yesterday about signing up for your blogging class just to heckle and ask ridiculous questions.

    We will show restraint this time.

    I’m proud to say I know you and call you friend. Stipends to go on vacation sound pretty good too!

  5. Congrats !!!! That’s an awesome accomplishment..

  6. Amazing! Although I have to confess I’m horrified about misspelling in front of you now. 🙂

    Job well done, sir!

  7. Include it 🙂 I would also. That is really great Rob. Congratulations.

  8. To everyone, thank you so much. I appreciate all your support. Hey, Kevin: If you check my comments on some of those old BC threads, you won’t worry any more. Spelling is not my strong suit.

  9. Yeah! Awesome! Congratulations!

  10. Just thought I would add my congratulations to the bunch 🙂

  11. Rob, this is so exciting and sounds very “prestigious”. 🙂 Wow, I am truly impressed and really happy for you because you are such a kindhearted person. It’s rewarding when good things happen to GOOD PEOPLE! That’s a lot of hard work you’ve done to arrive at this point…and YOU did it!!!

  12. Congratulations! A prestigious award and well deserved I am sure.

  13. rob? bragging about? i don’t think it is as long as it is true. the good thing with telling your achievement to us or to your blog is that it inspires others to do their best. congratulations and keep up the good works!

  14. Congrats! It’s always great to get some recognition for all your hard work ~ keep it up!

  15. Congratulations Dr. Rob – don’t spend your stipend all at once! I know the Mega Megaphone 3000 is shiny and cheap at $7999.99 but there are lots of people looking forward to a teaching visit from you, I’m sure.

  16. Congratulations! I’m really pleased to read your news! 🙂

  17. more than deserved, I am sure! :))) Congratulations :))))

  18. Congratulations, Robert! Isn’t it encouraging to be acknowledged for your work well done? Hats off to you for your achievements! Relish in the glow of this milestone!

  19. Congratulations! What a great honor!