Big media fail

Big Media Fail!

Big Media Fail!

Enough is Enough.

BECAUSE MEDIA ARE BIG BUSINESS, they need a huge amount of viewers to attract advertisers to pay BIG bills.

Negative news brings surges in traffic and viewership. The downside to this phenomenon is that parasites (paparazzi and their print equivalent) have taking advantages of this reality and use BIG MEDIA to peddle their product.

MEDIA were entrusted with the FIRST AMENDMENT to be “purveyors of truth” not so they could become rich. Media should report the news, not create or embellish it. This is the premise behind the movie Nightcrawler (2014).

When our Founding Fathers chose to form a republic with three branches of government, they also gave constitutional protection to the media which they called the fourth estate or watchdog. No other profession receives constitutional protection.


In order for democracy to work, the media must provide checks and balances and tell the voters how their elected officials are representing them.

How is that working out?

Much of the media are not reporting truth accurately. Many are choosing ratings over reality. See More

Would you prefer to get news from a source which stirs the emotions and is irreverent and often erroneous or a source which is accurate? I’m not referring to the news talk shows, but the NEWS.

Remember, everything you know about most national figures and national events, you learned from the media.

In my classes, I teach up-and-coming journalists that the audience doesn’t care what reporters and anchors think when they are watching the news. If they wanted an opinion, they could read an editorial or column. I tell my students “Give the facts, and your audience can make up their own minds.

Love to hear from you about this?

-Dr. Robert Stevenson


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  1. Thank you – I agree – do you know where we might look for “news” – I sure don’t. We pray your teaching takes hold and some go forth to find and “only report” the news.