Paws needs your help

Paws Animal Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc. needs your help

indexWith acorns, pecans, hickory nuts falling, if at all possible, please collect some and put them in cardboard boxes (They mold in plastic bags). If you only have plastic bags, I will transfer them to cardboard. It’s ok to have leaves and twigs mixed in. I will collect them and bring them to our rehabbing deer (The deer eat the acorns and hickory nuts. Our rehabbing squirrels eat pecans.)
We have to hold the deer over until hunting season closes, and we like for them to start nourishing themselves with things they will find in the wild. This year we are rehabbing about 15 to 20 deer at Paws Animal Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.

You may call me at 864-980-5105 or leave them in the working sacristy with “Bonnie” on it. If you would be so kind as to shoot me an email or a quick phone call so I know the nuts are there for pick up. Many thanks.

Bonnie Brown

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  1. PAWS is the best. They truly love the animals they get in! That’s why I always take animals that are injured or young when I catch them at a clients house!

    Earle Readett
    Wildlife Wrangler of the Lakelands