What’s so great about April 2

Today is International Children’s Book Day

What’s so great (and maybe not so great) about April 2.

On this date in:

2005: Pope John Paul II Dies  

1902: “Electric Theatre”, the first full-time movie theater in the United States, opens in Los Angeles, California

1865:  Gen. Robert E. Lee informed Confederate President Jefferson Davis that he must evacuate the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia. Davis and his cabinet then fled by train. 

1792: Congress established the first U.S. Mint at Philadelphia. 

1513: Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon sighted Florida and claimed it for the Spanish Crown after landing at the site of present day St. Augustine, now the oldest city in the continental U.S. 

1234: Edmund Rich becomes Archibishop of CanterburyRaised to the Archbishopric by Pope Gregory IX, Edmund was an outspoken figure who clashed with King Henry III of England and preached for the Sixth Crusade.  

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