From the Sherrif’s Desk

With the upcoming tax season upon us I’m sure we will see more incidents like this:

We have recently received the following complaint. This information was left on someone’s answering machine. I feel sure the same information would have been spoken if the individual had answered the phone.  The message said:

 “This is Officer Jack Peterson from the Tax crime investigation unit from the IRS.  I’m calling to inform you that the IRS has issued an arrest warrant against you, and you physical property is under investigation.  Call me back to get more information about your case.  My phone number is 202-241-8079.  It is very important that we hear from you today.”

It is important that everyone understand that this is not how law enforcement conducts business.  If anyone should receive this type of call they can contact the IRS or Dale Kittles at the sheriff’s office

Dale Kittles, Captain
Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office
528 Edgefield St.
Greenwood, S.C. 29646
864.942.8600 – Main

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