Perspective: Ferguson

It’s too difficult to really walk in someone else’s shoes.
It’s too easy to sit back and judge . . .
Cops risk their lives protecting their communities
Black males feel like targets
I haven’t walked in either’s shoes,
but I believe both are true.
And I believe there are victimizers on both sides
The problem can get worse or better  . . .

Here are my thoughts on Ferguson


Can we meet on common ground
Are our views so far apart
there’s no room to be found
Can we speak without the sound
Of a world gone quite insane
Can we start settling downI’ll not play the scene where the
threats start flying
You’ll not have to scream
’cause we’re not that stupid

Are your walls all brick and stone
and far from tumbling down
Can we seat ourselves around
A table for a while and talk like
friends we have found

We’ll not have to dream
of a peaceful one day

Are our views so far apart that
there’s no room to be found

Tell me can we meet on common ground

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written by RHYTHM CORPS.
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