Greenwood Rocks

Greenwood Rocks is a hit!

“Greenwood Rocks” is only two days old, and it’s already a BIG hit with nearly 1,000

Greenwood Rocks
I watched the FB Live video earlier.. took my autistic son and let him find his first rock. We will re-hide it. Going to buy supplies tomorrow, so we can join the fun. I think he will love it! Submitted by Angie Duran

members. The fun is contagious and everyone can participate. This Rock Party is sweeping the country, and because Greenwood Calendar keeps you Plugged In to what’s GREAT about Greenwood, we’re happy to bring “Greenwood Rocks” to Greenwood.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Join the Facebook Group: Greenwood Rocks
  2. Get some rocks (either buy them or find them). Group member have tips about this step.
  3. Paint them with any design you choose (with acrylic paint)
  4. Seal them with spray paint sealer.
  5. Hide them anywhere in Greenwood (including all of Greenwood County). But remember to keep it safe.
  6. Print directions on the back, something like, “Post me on Greenwood Rocks FB group”
  7. Then go out and find some painted rocks.
  8. When you find one, you can keep it or rehide it, but be sure to take a picture of your find.
  9. You may choose to leave clues on the Greenwood Rocks group page as to where you hid your rock.
  10. You should add your friends to the group! The more people the more fun.



Leaving our first baby to be found #greenwoodrocks! Submitted by Elba Sharpe



Greenwood Rocks
My wife and I hid this last night


Greenwood Rocks
Janie Lindley found a rock!


Greenwood Rocks
My grands are on the search! Found one! Submitted by Karen Wilson


Greenwood Rocks
Good luck finding this one!


Any questions? We have lots of answers on the group page. It is a private group to ensure the group is fun and safe for everyone. Everyone is welcome. Just be sure to read the rules at the top of the Group Page. Here’s the link:



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