Greenwood Calendar’s Contest Winners

Greenwood Calendar’s Contests

We have many contests on Greenwood Calendar. Most days there is a contest or two underway at the Greenwood Calendar Facebook Page. Our recurring contests include a weekly coffee from Starbucks. A biweekly sandwich from Chick fil A. A monthly gift card from Applebee’s. A monthly pair of tickets to REI Cinema of Greenwood. Tickets to each play at the Greenwood Community Theatre and the Abbeville Opera House. Tickets to each concert at Music on Maxwell. There are also many, many contests sponsored by various companies periodically.

Here are just some of the more than 200 contest winners….

10-14-13 2 Gail Stone Petrus  First Contest: movie ticketsgc

10-22-13 Austin Flannery – Fire House Sub

10-22-13 Angie Robertson – Project Hope Calendar by Jon O Holloway

10-20-13 Lynn Lominick Dilleshaw – Honey Baked Ham

11-3-13 Renee Brewer Strange – 1-year membership to YMCA

11-11-13 Paul Worthy won Kim Richey tickets Music on Maxwell

11-16-13 Sheila Langley won 2 movie tickets

11-16-13 Rhonda Cutter won tickets to see Peter Pan

11-17-13 Nancy McKelley won $10 gift card to T.W. Boons

11-28-13 Jessica Eustace shared and won two tickets to the BELIEVE

12-7-13 Keith McCasalan Won tickets to Ashby Stokes Christmas at GCT and a CDcongratulations_001

12-11-13 Kathleen Darrow Constant winner of Ashby Stokes Christmas CD

12-22-13 Glenn Yonce won a $20 gift card to the Mill House

12-22-13  Tammy Wood won a meal at the Dixie Drive In and a fantastic Christmas CD by the Colly Birds.

12-28-13 Randy Carmen won  Starbucks Coffee, Dixie meal and a $20 gift card to ewirelessgear

1-1-14 Beth Newton winner of a $10 gift card at Painted Giraffe.

2-9-14 Stephanie Jackson winner of the gift card to T.W. Boons

2-28-14 Cynthia Catlin Sinclair winner of the Frank’s Car Wash Contest.

3-10-14 Robin L Thomas-Rubin winner of the $25 gift card to the Uptown Market.

3-10-14 BarrynSherilyn Gonce won the caption contest this week sponsored by Chick-fil-A

4-5-14   Whitney Hall Jay Lark Two tickets to Rainmaker at AOH:

4-5-14  Justin Byars$150 Carolina Canvas and Marine

4-5-14  Keller Ridgeway $350 Bookcase from JJackson Woodworks

4-5-14  Jamie Lynn Cooper Army Navy Gift Card

4-5-14  Elizabeth Wise Palmetto T-shirt Contest

4-30-14  Nicole Enos Gail winner of two tickets to see Charlotte’s Web at the Abbeville Opera House!

5-7-14 Katey Dean winner of the $25 gift card to Pier 1 imports. celebrate

5-15-14 Sherri Bryant Qualls winner of two tickets to the movies

5-21-14 John Falls winner of two tickets to see Birds of Chicago with Amythyst Kiah at Music on Maxwell

6-8-14 Tiara Brooks. You’re the winner…

7-2-14 Maryann Rushton  just won a $25 gift card to Applebee’s

8-9-14 Paige Bowser won a $25 Applebee’s gift card from Greenwood Calendar!

10-11-14 Cathy Lu  won two tickets to today’s Oktoberfest.

1-5-15  Sherri Bryant Qualls winner of the Newsletters, and Dinner and a Movie Contest

1-5-15  $25 gift card and two tickets to REI Cinema of Greenwood.

1-8-15 Libba Stevenson Deery winner of the Lakelands Overhead Door $50 gift card to Montague’s Restaurant.

1-8-15 Heather Brooks won two tickets to the Nashville Songwriters Make A Wish Benefit Concert

1-8-15 Joy Pescatore just won the $25 gift card to Uchie!

1-13-15 Erica Mauldin won two tickets to see Matrimony at Music on Maxwell this Thursday.

1-13-15 Kenneth Sholar winner of the Caption Contest.

1-14-15  Elizabeth St. Pierre Williams won $25 gift card from Montague’s Restaurant!

1-20-15 Brad Alexander won $25 gift card to Bermuda’s at Stoney Point or the Liniks at THE LINKS at Stoney Point!

Here is your winner !1-21-15 Anna Lee Johnson won a cup a coffee from Starbucks

1-24-15 Teresa Carlisle won the caption contest from Chick-fil-A of Greenwood,

1-25-15 Nichole Proctor for winning the Dawg House contest

1-25-15 Pleshette Elmore, winner of the ready to bake entree from the Pantry Shoppe.

1-31-15 Tammy Fowler Justice won the $10 gift card to Uchi E.

2-3-15  Carla Dixon won a free facial from Trinity Skin Care.

2-4-15 Brandon Bowie, Teresa McFerrin Davis, and Alison Mundy Burns each won two tickets to REI Cinema 10



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