Win a Free Car Wash at Frank’s Car Wash

Win a FREE WASH at Frank’s Car Wash. I will pick a winner tomorrow from those who have Rated and Reviewed or Retweeted this page……

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  1. The folks at Frank’s do a great job making your car look like new! Friendly service!

  2. Angela D'Onne Smith

    Never had a car wash like they do at
    Franks. If I won I’d ride all over town telling everyone where I got that clean shiny car done.

  3. I need my truck washed! They do a great job!

  4. My car is embarrassed – it needs a bath!

  5. Let me be frank. Or Frank. Or course, Frank doesn’t own Frank’s. It’s owned by Mr. Trumpet Cooper. But that’s beside the point. I just want to see Dibble Cooper.