Panera Bread and Chick fil A

Adjacent to the Greenwood Mall later this year will be Panera Bread and Chick fil A with a playground.

The Chick fil A will be replacing the restaurant inside the mall.



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  1. Don’t like the Chick-Fi-=a moving out of the mall. Glad they are having a new one, but I think they should keep the one in the mall. It’s my favorite place in the mall to sit and get a bite to eat. HATE THEY ARE NOT GOING TO KEEP IT!!!!!!

  2. We really need a little playgrownd at the mall!

  3. We really need a new mall!!!!

  4. they needed to move. it won’t be long until there is no inside access at the mall. crosscreek mall will follow in the footsteps of the greenville mall.

  5. Can Greenwood please get a Target?

    • Robert Stevenson

      Target prob won’t decide to come now that Walmart has built a second store… But I could be wrong.