Greenwood Police Crime Report

Today’s Greenwood Police Crime Report



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  1. Lazy and cheap. Too lazy to do your own report and then taking cheap shots at those who aren’t too lazy. Lost alot of respect for you seeing this post. Thought you were above playing juvenile games.

    • All of the information, names included, is given to all of the media by the Greenwood Police Department. I have the names. Therefore “Lazy and cheap” does not apply. I choose not to put the names of people who have been arrested and not yet convicted because some of them are innocent. Follow up articles do not correct the error of premature publication. Reputations are ruined by sites that post names and photos of individual who are in this country “presumed innocent.” Thanks though for your feedback.

  2. Well. That information is not just “given” to all the media. You have to call and request it. In fact, ANY citizen can request it and it is freely given. It is not limited to the media. Since you made such a big showing of your “decision” to not post names and pictures, I have to wonder why you thought you needed to call and ask them to put you on the distribution list. Left that part out when you took to social media, didn’t you? Since you have made clear your position, I wonder if you will post the name of someone arrested for a murder before they go to trial. We’ve already seen you do that. And he was innocent until proven guilty, too, right?