Do you believe in Ghosts?

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  1. I believe in sprits. We have at least one spirit at The Two Old Bags. His an older gentleman.

  2. Clarissa Blackmore

    My last house on East Cambridge was haunted. The lady who grew up in the house said the ghost was her mother. It was pretty cool.

  3. kathy e turner

    I have been two spirits in my life. One was a man in a long white robe standing in the middle of the road. I screamed and started to cry so my dad stopped the car and we ate and hung around for about an hour as we traveled on we pasted through a town torn to pieces by a tornado. If we had not stopped we could have been killed. No one in the car saw him but me. The second spirit I saw was on the back door of mychildhood home. It was profile picture of an Angel with a whip in her hand. I was a teenager and was doing things I shouldn’t.