Caption Contest

Caption Contest…. Winner receives a Greenwood Calendar T-shirt and a Chick Fil A sandwich.

Drawing from best captions will be held on Saturday night.

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Lidl grocery store set to open soon in Greenwood

Lidl grocery store set to open soon in Greenwood

Coming soon to Greenwood, Lidl grocery store. High quality. Low prices. Hassle-free shopping that gets you in and out. A product assortment and store layout that’s refreshingly simple, yet full of surprises to discover at every visit. Lidl is not your cookie-cutter grocery store. We’re revolutionizing grocery shopping. We have a less complicated process that allows us to simply deliver low prices, high quality, and the best shopping experience for our customers. Here’s how we do it:


  1. bridgette dilleshaw

    You are a special kind of stupid, right?

  2. Makes you wonder what I’m thinking huh?