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Cameron Dorn: World’s Highest Burpee?

Post by Cameron Dorn. Related


  1. Go Cameron Go! Amazing work done for a great charity, couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this!

  2. Go Cam!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah Buddy! Get it Cameron!

  4. Get it brotha!!

  5. Also…how about an updated paper on the wall letting us know where you’re at and what time you reached that number?

  6. Go Cameron!! Rooting for you from NC!! Way to represent good ol’ WS!

  7. Do you even lift brah? Good luck

  8. When will he take his shirt off? I’ll watch then….haha

  9. Rock on Cameron, i will check on you later on

  10. Keep it up Cameron ….

  11. Get it Cam… Hilton Head is watching and cheering you on!

  12. WTG Cameron…. Doing Ware Shoals Proud!!!

  13. Go Cam! You amaze me.

  14. You’re doing great Cameron! You are such an inspiration!!!

  15. Do it Cam!!!

  16. Whoooooo Dorn!!!

  17. Looking good. you will do it!!

  18. Robert Stevenson

    In 7 hours, Cameron Dorn has completed 4,400 burpees. The current world record for burpees completed in 12 hours is 5,000.

  19. Push through! “Thunder” & “Lightning” still going strong. Rooting for you from FL!

  20. You got this Cameron!! Proud of ya!!

  21. Cameron is doing a great job. Such a great feeling to witness some history all for a good cause!

  22. Wishes from Himalayas!!! Nail it my man

  23. whats the number now been watching off and on all night

  24. THANKS!!! he will make the record here shortly GOOD JOB!!!!


  26. Just tuned in and it looks like something went wrong. Sending prayers to you Cameron.


  28. Jacqueline Curtis

    Watching you from the UK. I know you can do it. Love Jacqueline (pilgrim)

  29. Robert Stevenson

    At 7:06AM Cameron Dorn has completed 6602 of his 10,000

  30. Keep up the great work!!

  31. #SuitcaseFullofCourage keep rock in it Cam you’re doing great!

  32. Your a beast! Keep pushing.

  33. Supporting you form across the pond CAM!!!! This is EPIC well done bro!!!

  34. 7300 at 0830 !

  35. Wow Cam! You are amazing! Keep on keepin’ on! You got this!

  36. 7500 at 8:52! Bring it home!

  37. Amazing!! Keep up the awesome work!! It will be worth it!

  38. Way to go, Cam! Big world record holder! Keep blowing through them!

  39. Congratulations from your favorite running store! We have it streaming live in the store for customers and employees to be inspired by the work you are doing! Keep it up buddy, from Run In!!

  40. Are the guys in yellow from Guinness?

    • Robert Stevenson

      No. Their certified fitness instructors who are following Guinness’ requirements for counting and verifying each burpee.

      • Awesome! My children and I are enjoying watching and attempting a few here and there on their own.

  41. Sooooo very proud of you Cam! You ROCK!!!

  42. 8425 @ 1050

  43. How awesome is this??? What’s the count now? Rooting for u from Columbia!!!!

  44. Hildreth and ben

    Keep up the the great work, Ben & Hilda

  45. Go Cameron! You’re so close to 9,000!! You are amazing!!


  47. Those aren’t burpees.

  48. We are watching and supporting in London! Xxx

  49. Keep up the hard work & keep pushing! What number is he on

  50. 9476 record officially decimated. Shake it out bro you’re Killin it!

  51. YEAH!!!! You did it!!!! With time to spare

  52. What an acheivement! Congrats!

  53. Cameron is the best, Cameron is the best, Hi-Ho the derry-o, Cameron is the best!

  54. Well done!!

  55. Congratulations Cameron! You did it!

  56. I am in awe! Simply phenomenal achievement.