Who wants a Home Depot, Target, or Olive Garden in Greenwood?

Who wants a Home Depot, Target, or Olive Garden in Greenwood?

Who wants a Home Depot, Target, or Olive Garden in Greenwood?

Question: Does Greenwood solicit new businesses or do new businesses discover Greenwood on their own?

Answer: There are MANY moving parts to retail real estate development. Typically, retail establishments have preferred relationships with retail property developers.  The property developer searches out available property meeting the retailer’s requirements (water, sewer, traffic count, median household income, the percentage of college graduates in the area, etc).  While Greenwood does solicit directly to preferred retail establishments from time to time, that is typically not how new retail is attracted to an area.

Also: It gets MUCH more complicated if the property owner is negotiating long-term leases OR offering property for sale.

The intersection where K-mart was located has more traffic than anywhere in a 40-mile radius, with that in mind . . . If you could have any business locate here, what would it be?

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  1. Target!

  2. Target or Bed Bath and Beyond

  3. Catherine Streeter

    All of the mentioned retailers would be nice!!

  4. Olive Garden!!!

  5. Olive Garden

  6. Brenda Albertson

    How about a Costco as well.all 3 new chains would be nice would love an olive garden. Target and Home Depot would be grateful as well if there is enough business to support it. With Costco there is quite a discount on purchases and I think people would shop because of the bargains.

  7. A Barnes and Noble.

  8. TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Target

  10. Target, olive garden and home depot

  11. Would love to have a Home Depot. Target would be my second choice.

  12. Olive garden, home depot, target, in that order

  13. Golden corral

  14. Academy Sports or Sky Zone for the kids would be nice.

  15. Home Depot or Target where Kmart was, Olive Garden where Ruby Tuesday was, Barnes and Noble where Blockbuster was, Texas Roadhouse where Shoney’s was

  16. Bed Bath & Beyond where Old Navy was

  17. Anything good to shop at…Academy Sports, Marshalls, Target, etc. put Olive Garden in old Ruby Tuesday, and we do need a trampoline park for our young people to get more exercise.

  18. Anakin Skywalker

    Just build another Wal-Mart

  19. Christine Carver

    A tri-county bus line would be great. Something like Clemson CAT bus. An electric bus station at that intersection, the possibilities are endless.

  20. Timothy Campbell Sr

    Sams club would be best

  21. we need home depot, olive garden

  22. Home depot would be great

  23. Olive Garden no doubt

  24. Olive Garden, Home Depot, target, Texas Roadhouse, all are great possibilities! We love to see Greenwood grow.

  25. Texas Roadhouse, great idea!

  26. Golden Corral, too!

  27. I would like to see a Home Depot ,TGI Fridays and Popeye’s

  28. In my opinion, a critical component of responsible commercial/retail development is the REUSE OF EXISTING BUILDINGS and infrastructure. Vacate and boarded buildings are an eyesore. It’s irresponsible to pave over more green space when existing options abound.

  29. Best Buy that is all…..

  30. I would like a Home Depot .Lowes doesn’t have any competition . I don’t see Target doing well in our area (bathroom policy _ men can use women’s) their stocks are crashing. I’ll never shop there.

  31. Jacqueline Owens

    What about all three because we lose money for the city an country when you have to leave go shopping in another town

  32. Target would be great

  33. Olive Garden

  34. Anything but Olive Garden I can microwave my own Italian food

  35. Olive Garden

  36. I think it is time Greenwood got Academy Sports. We are surrounded by Lakes Rivers and plenty of hunting land. I think it would be great for the local economy and brain jobs to the area

  37. A home depot I like the business

  38. Olive Garden no doubt

  39. How about carrabba’s restaurant

  40. Home Depot, or Barnes n Nobles, or Books-a-Million. If we wanted an Italian fare franchise I’d much rather go for Carrabas or Romanos…cuz, let’s face it, Olive Garden is a dud. Target is a horrible retailer and I would NEVER shop there. Just my humble opinion. I also REALLY believe Greenwood needs another good sized venue to showcase local musicians.

  41. Target!!!

  42. Target where Kmart was, Olive Garden where Ruby Tuesday was,Texas Roadhouse where Shoney’s was, Barnes and Noble (or one of the stores I listed below) where Blockbuster was, Bed Bath and Beyond or Academy Sports or Grady’s or Bass Pro Shop where Old Navy was!!!!

  43. Krispy kreme or dunlin donuts

  44. Home Goods,Golden Corral, Dunkin Donuts, BonTons. My son just bought a house in Greenwood, would love to see these new additions to the retail market when I visit.

  45. Christmas Tree Shop is another great company that would be a perfect store for that location!