I Love Greenwood

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10. Greenwood Calendar’s maintains a list of all the events, festivals, exhibits, concerts, and plays happening in and around Greenwood.

9. GC has a jobs page with important links to jobs and other relevant resources

8. GC lists all the restaurants with links to their websites.

7. GC has a bloggers page so that Greenwoodians can support other Greenwoodians who blog.

6. GC has lots of popular videos from city leaders, to new businesses, to community events, to concert snippets, to theatre previews.

5. Greenwood Calendar has lots of pictures in our Photo Gallery of people in Greenwood out and about having fun.

4. GC has lots of contests and giveways.

3. GC is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo

2. Anyone can post a community event to Greenwood Calendar – For Free!

1. GC has Fun Polls, Surveys, and Quizzes.  See Greenwood Buzz


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