The Latest and Greatest in Greenwood

Coleman Hall is coming down….

Budget Inn across from The Dixie Drive In is coming down…

Sports Break is going up down the street on the Crosscreek Connector.

Inn on the Square has new developer and work is ongoing with an additional $1 million investment.

The Historic Building pictured with new landscaping and swings (old textile bldg) to the left of Howard’s on Main is being purchased. Condos is the rumor.

Strong interest has been expressed in building a hotel at the Lake Greenwood Bridge across from the marina (old Blazer’s).

Super Walmart is closing on the purchase of the land between Spinx and Subway on 72 (near Jerry’s Produce)

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  1. We’re getting another Walmart??

  2. PLease better explain the Wal-Mart Thing. THat is important news lol

  3. Robert Stevenson

    Yep. I first reported about the new Walmart a few months ago. Yesterday, Mayor Adams told me Greenwood’s second Walmart was preparing to close on the property.

    • What do you guys need with a monopoly of Walmart’s? They already left you with a empty space for years that couldn’t get rented – You guys don’t need another Walmart, you need more competitive retail….

  4. I’d LOVE to see Target come to Greenwood!

    • Target best buy home goods!

    • Any news about a new business is awesome however a manufacturing business that would put some folks back to work would be awesome too! Sure would love some of this positive energy to roll down Hwy 34 to Ninety Six! Fill up Sloan and Adams Plants with a couple of businesses that could hire hard working people bringing jobs back down here!! Ninety Six needs an economic boost!!!

  5. Jennifer JOHNSON

    We could use most anything else OTHER than another Wal-MART….they need to work on the staffing and customer service of the one they have!

  6. they can’t run the one we got to the public’s satisfaction….now another one?

  7. I here its a Wal-Mart up scale grocery concept.Nothing like a traditional store

  8. Its suppose to be called Walmart Neighborhood Marketplace. They only sale food, pharmacuticals, and liqour. Its was basically made to be a convience story. Easier parking, less people, shorter lines, etc.

    • Robert Stevenson

      I called folks in the City government this morning who said the latest reports are that the new Walmart will be a traditional Super Walmart. They added that could still change.

  9. We lived In Greenwood for 32 years and this is a great way for us to stay in touch from edisto

  10. Its a scaled down Walmart. Like Walmart Neighborhood Market Place, Market Side by Walmart, or Walmart Express. The The retail market all over america has no more room for a supercenter walmart. So they are going to grow by added smaller stores. The official end of building Walmart Supercenters will end in 5 years simply because they are in every market for the economy. So a good idea is to grow by building smaller stores. Im excited.

  11. I keep hearing that it’s just going to be the food section. No general merchandise but who knows.

    • Robert Stevenson

      Hey, Kayla.
      I spoke to the mayor, who said. All the reports he has seen show that it will be a second Super Walmart. He added, that could still change.

  12. What’s going in across from the bowling alley?

  13. Will Best Buy, Sams Club, or Costco ever com to Greenwood, SC????

  14. Wal-mart’s in general are never good for the local economy. They pay very low wages, they undercut local businesses and are very often given local tax breaks and even tax waivers. I would rather see folk support our local businesses than Wal-mart and other big box stores.