The Greenwood Calendar Radio Show

What do you think about the Greenwood Calendar radio show? It will be a one hour weekly radio program including local music,  interviews, upcoming events and lots more. It will be available here via podcast and at XLR Lander University Radio. I will be using social media to gather input For the show.


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  1. Sounds like a really cool idea, to me. It will be a way for our town to get free advertising of events and fun things that are going on, close to home. Hopefully it will be on a good day where most people will be when people are able to hear and plan to listen, and be part of it. Chirch events and yard sales are gonna love this, maybe help us, not forget to attend fun events,. Theres been many times i’ve thought “wish I’d known about this”. Hopefully people will participate and join into the hour long broadcast, otherwise, it will be like any other radio station.

  2. I think it’s an AWESOME idea!! I’m a little sad I wasn’t asked to be a host… Thanks guys

    Still a terrific idea!