The absolute, hands down, without question best social network in the blogosphere

Do you BC? If you don’t know about BC or you haven’t ventured in for a while, then I implore you to check out Blog Catalog. For thousands of years, bloggers have come together on BC to share, support, laugh, learn, vent, inform, and just plain be. (Okay, probably less than thousands of years, but the rest is true). BC is in fact a gold mine for newbies, veterans and everyone inbetween. (acutally it’s not a mine for gold, but for all things blog it is a treasure chest).

While BC can increase your traffic 100 fold, it isn’t really a treasure chest per se, not in the literal sense. A treasure chest connotes pirates and bounty hunters, and BC doesn’t have those kind of characters. (Well actually, it might). There is an amazing assortment of avatars on BC representing all kinds of wonderful people. These people come from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe (er, every time zone). You might join for the unadulterated boost in traffic to your blog, like I did. But if you’re like me the incredible increase in visitors will soon become secondary as you reap the many other rewards found only on Blog Catalog (hey, I don’t even own stock).

The BC discussion boards are amazing. So far at least 18 billion topics have been discussed (no really – I never exaggerate). The general discussion board is like a townhall meeting (without the townhall). There are threads on support, shameless promotion, general discussion, and how to win the lottery in 4 easy steps (Oops, I don’t really think that one about support is accurate-or maybe it’s the lottery one.) There are also many, many groups you can join to just be with people of similar interests.  There are groups for humor, religion, writing, and honoring Rob’s Megaphone; if there’s not a group on a topic you’re interested in – hey, you can start one like I did. (Just ignore that honoring Rob’s Megaphone thing; it was just for Mr. Google – private joke).

You can befriend BC bloggers and follow them, you can join their neighborhood. You can shout at them. You can pass secret notes back and forth too. You can review and be reviewed.  You can even download a seven course dinner for free.

I tend to get carried away when I sing the virtues of BC because it is home to the best bloggers in the blogosphere.  You don’t have to take my word for it, see for yourself at, or for tips, FAQs and answers to all the questions you didn’t even know you had, check out this post right HERE. (Hey, this guy wrote THE book). Tell him Dr. Rob sent you, and you just might win a new car – or better yet, a sincere thank you.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Rob.

    Love from your friendly neighbourhood blogger

  2. I concur! I love BC. I’ve been there for just over two years now and it’s the best thing going since the invention of HTML.

  3. Yep, BC is a great place. You will find help, friends, and traffic because of it.

  4. bc is great and i am glad i found it recently just have to figure out more about it, great site by the way.

  5. This so expresses my feeling about BlogCatalog versus MyBlogLog that I referred to your article in my latest post, ‘Why bloggers like BlogCatalog.”
    Talk about shameless promotion…

  6. I have never heard of this BC place! I will definitely have to run over and annoy everyone on the message board now. I will tell them you sent me! :p

  7. Way to go Rob! My sentiments exactly – Although, Alison (Truthoughts) and I haven’t been to any other’s, we have no reason to leave. BlogCatalog is filled with people like you, why would one even think of going anywhere else?

  8. I like BC, its cool, and easy to use but I never saw it as a traffic machine, interestiing.

  9. David Peterson

    Thanks for the recommendation on BC. Looks like a place to definately spend some time at with the massive amount of discussions going on there.

  10. I love Blog Catalog. I’m so very glad I came out from behind the garden wall and joined. I have made some blogger friends and I am now reading blogs on a wide variety of interesting subjects. Traffic has increased to both of my blogs and it’s not bounce rate stuff my blogs have acquired more faithful readers. I really enjoy being able to join in discussion on the BC forum and the dashboard tools we have at BC rock!

  11. I agree. I love BC. It’s like my hang-out now on the internet. I stay there more than I stay at my blog. Weird but true.

  12. BlogCatalog is the best blogging social network site I have ever joined. I highly recommend it to everyone if you have a blog.

  13. This is my first time here. Your post has pave the way for me to improve my blogging experience. Thank you & I’ll come again for more.

    Psycho Guru