Team Keith Wear Gray Day

Team Keith Wear Gray Day—November 5, 2014:
Next Wednesday will mark one year since my brother, Keith Ridgeway, had a seizure that started a journey that changed us all forever. After having brain surgery on January 30th, he was diagnosed with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiform…Brain Cancer!!! He has endured the treatments, doctor appointments, and various tests, with an enormous amount of grace and strength. To know him is to know that he has not allowed his brain cancer to stop him from doing for others. He has fought fires, worked wrecks, and come to the aid of many throughout the last year. He has continued to bring joy and laughter to everyone he encounters. He has continued to be an amazing man in spite of his diagnosis. He is my hero!!! In honor and support of him, I ask that you wear gray (Brain Cancer Awareness color) next Wednesday. If you have a Team Keith shirt…even better! #TeamKeith

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