Submit Tutorial

Please follow the following steps to submit an event and/or photo

1. Click “Submit An Event” (at top right)

2. (On first log on) click Register( at bottom of window). On subsequent submissions, click “Login”

3. Add username and email

4. Go to your email to obtain password* (write down password)

5. Log in with new password

6. Click the plus sign (+) (at top of page)

7. Follow prompts:

a. Add event title

b. Select event category

c. Add post text in box.

d. Select “Set featured image” and upload image.

e. Choose date and time

f. Add relevant info such as contact info, price, website, phone number.

*To change password, click on “Howdy” at top right, then “Edit” then scroll down to “New Password”

Email me if you have any questions at

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