Springfield 3rd Grader Makes a Special Donation to Self Regional’s Cancer Center

Springfield 3rd Grader Makes a Special Donation to Self Regional’s Cancer Center


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Springfield Elementary 3rd grade student Adain Tidwell wanted to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. Adain and her family had been dealt a heavy personal blow when her great uncle passed away with cancer being one of the main reasons. Due to this negative experience, she wanted to bring awareness to cancer and make a significant impact within her school and community.


Adain was given this opportunity in Ms. Megan Sumner’s 3rd grade class. Ms. Sumner’s students were instructed to become experts on a topic and create projects to share with their classmates. Students were asked to research their topic and present a project to the class. Adain’s project focused not only on cancer, but also ways to benefit those who may be suffering from some form of the disease.


With a decorated can, Adain created a school-wide fundraising campaign to benefit Self Regional’s Cancer Center. Adain spoke to her 3rd grade class and the entire school on the morning news show. Ms. Sumner also helped her create special donation letters that were sent out to classes school-wide. Adain encouraged students to bring in coins for her project entitled “Project 50 Cents or More.”


After only two weeks of fundraising, Adain collected $127 for the Cancer Center! On March 2nd, Adain along with Ms. Sumner, her mother, and Student Support Facilitator Kim McLaughlin delivered her monies to Self Regional.


“I wanted to start something where people wouldn’t have to go through what I went through,” Adain explained.

Click here to see a video from WSPA Channel 7 on Adain’s story!

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