Silly News 24: sometimes the correction is worse than the mistake

Somehow this correction just doesn’t seem sufficient


Sometimes journalist do this when they intend to research the correct information.

Sometimes they forget to return and make the correction.

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News goofs: Know bodie sed copie edatin wuz eazey


  1. So, they corrected the incorrect corrections that were incorrectly corrected, correct?

    Good thing no one really reads newspapers anymore.

  2. omg. these are classic. btw, i think you’ll like my latest post on the Implicated Tomato. Do you know any good Tomato Law Experts, who specialize in helping tomatos falsely accused!?

  3. Okay then…I think that about covers it.


    I love it.
    These are JUST GREAT!!!!!

    Hi ROB, This is Rob from Your forever fan! 🙂

    There is a site you might want to check out that I ran across awhile ago. The guy is from Maine and does a lot of real new clippings that are outrageous. I grew up in Maine so I was intrigued to see who he was and what he posted. I like it. I think you will too.

    He is at:

    my pointless
    His says his site is about: funny videos, strange pictures, odd news items… an assortment of things that amuse me.

    Hope you are having a great day.
    Rob E.

  4. Rob,

    Groceries and murder are easily confused. I’ve made the same mistake. I have enjoyed reading your blog and wish you blah blah blah blah in the future. I hear you’re teaching a blogging class soon? That should get you an automatic ten thousand blog karma post points.

  5. Recently I developed a rather important Powerpoint presentation. One diagram had a balloon in which I’d put “Something Else” when I was first assembling the slide, thinking I would think of something and put it in before finishing. Never did it, and the presentation went out and was seen by a couple dozen people in my (very large) company. Oh, and of course I was presenting, and uh … realized my mistake mid-presentation.

    Oh, well. We does our best, sometimes. The rest of the time we hope a hole will open up and swallow us.

  6. I love the “we incorrectly published the incorrect correction”…

  7. That last one is perfect… and possibly my new favourite quote.

  8. Priceless! How do you get these?

    The Ottawa Citizen and Southam News reporters were probably trained at the incorrect correctional facility…

    Quirky Indian

  9. That is hilarious! Wow, I don’t pay that close of attention to the newspaper…ever! 🙂 Thanks for a good laugh!