Sneak Peak – Inn on the Square

Share to win a dinner for two and an evening at the Inn on the Square.
Watch video, share, then let me know . . . and I’ll enter your name in the drawing.
Good luck!

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  3. Shared on Facebook. Welcome back Inn on the Square.

  4. Its. Going to be very nice for. Greenwood, SC look forward to. Comeing. Out an enjoying all it has to affer

  5. Shared! Hope I win!

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  7. Shared. This sounds great! I can’t wait to eat here!

  8. Marvette I shared AUGUST 22 10:20

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  11. Shared on FB! Love it!

  12. Cheryl Beasley Griffith

    Thank you!

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  14. How exciting to have the Inn back better than ever!!!!

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  17. Shared! I cannot wait to have the INN up and running again. So proud of Greenwood for bringing Uptown alive again

  18. Shared me and my hubby need this!

  19. Ninety Six High C/O 95 we had our Senior Prom there. It would be great to see the changes from over the past 20yrs.

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  21. Shared!! Excited to see the Inn on the Square coming back!

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  23. going to be great to have it back open

  24. Brand and Sigrid Spangenberg

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  25. Brand and Sigrid Spangenberg

    Looking forward to this Grand Hotel and Restaurant opening!

  26. Greenwood needs an interstate strip from 26 or 77 to 85 in greenville. I live right beside ZF in gray court and every time I go by it I say they should fire everyone on greenwood county council for not gunning for this plant. Next 3 years total of 6000 jobs. Our kids work at Sykes and get burned out. That’s the only opportunity for them. Mix a good engineering degree it’s greenville. Cary over Northland told me same thing all technology talent has to leave greenwood for a job. Second plant starting soon that will build transmissions for BMW. Greenwood is behind the times. Not to mention here all the other companies this plant is spawning. Greenwood missed a great opportunity with ZF.

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  28. shared!!! I cannot wait to see it back open again, such a lovely place. I got married here and had reception here and would love to stay again for anniversary.

  29. Shared, New to area would love to win!

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  31. Shared. First plce we stayed when we first moved to greenwood. Welcome back.

  32. Shared!Great memories here with my family!

  33. shared and excited for their new opening.

  34. Welcome back Inn…

  35. Shared. Never been, interested to experience.

  36. Shared! Seems like it will be nice!

  37. Susan Wise Turner

    So looking forward to having this wonderful venue up and running! See you all in October… Shared

  38. Please enter my name for the drawing:)

  39. SHARED…. wishing you much success

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  42. I shared hope I win

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  44. I’m glad the Inn is coming back!

  45. Shared. From Myrtle Beach would love to come up.

  46. Shared! Hope to win!

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  49. WOW!!! I havent been to Inn on the Square in 20 years.. I am excited to see all the new changes?

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  51. Shared. Looking forward to the opening. So glad to see you there Claire.

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  54. Sharon Wooldridge

    What a great improvement for Inn on the Square landmark!

  55. Michelle Timmons

    Love it! And shared!

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  59. Myrtle. Longshore


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  61. Shared on Facebook. Looking forward to Oct. 1st opening.

  62. David will do a GREAT job…shared. Can’t wait.

  63. I shared for a chance to win a dinner

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