Silly Signs #33: It is Forbidden.


Sign in front of a wedding chapel 🙂

Not anymore!

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  1. My favorite is “This Door is Alarmed.”

  2. re: The Sign in front of the Church

    Well at least it is only two rules…
    Most Religions have many more…


  3. re: the secret bunker. It’s a historic site dating from the 60’s or thenabouts. Can’t remember what it’s called, it’s somewhere in the UK.
    Maybe do a google maps search around the Brentwood area?


    SHH… its supposed to be secret! LOL I can’t believe they would post a sign about a secret like that. Too funny!

  5. LOL That’s really cute… thanks for sharing! 😀

  6. Too funny. Guess it isn’t a secret bunker now.

  7. LOL these were funny – especially liked the not secret nuclear bunker! LOL

  8. Arthur and Amy

    Good find! What a charming place to wed.

    -Arthur and Amy

  9. Rob,

    Did you see that you were listed on the home page of WordPress under “Hawt Post”? That’s how I got here today. Congratulations my friend and thanks for the laugh.


  10. Rob, that’s really funny.

    Isn’t it a comfort to know, as you fall asleep, that the state and its secrets are well guarded?!

    Quirky Indian

  11. thanks for the laugh! You have some funny stuff on here. 🙂


  12. Dr. Rob,

    Secret Bunker —reminds me of those government files labelled ‘Top Secret’. Like that’s meant to keep people from looking into them.

    I started collecting funny signs about 2months back. Planning to publish them in a book one day…

    See them

  13. It *was* a secret back in the day, but it was decommissioned in the early ’90s and sold back to the family who own the land. They run it as a tourist attraction – it’s well worth the £6 fee. It was the bunker where the UK Prime Minister would be evacuated to in the event of a nuclear war.

    The official website is:

    …and this where it is: