Silly Signs #29: What were they thinking?

limit 2 cases . . . ?

I guess the other side says: Do not exit, exit only.

This must be an invitation to walk there.

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  1. texasheartland

    #1: 3 for $5?! What a steal!

    #2: Where are we supposed to enter!

    #3: What grass?

  2. 🙂

  3. actually, a case is 24 cans. it’s hard to read the small print but it looks like each package contains 8 cans. that would mean 3 packages is 24 cans. thus, you could get 6 packages. this sign makes perfect sense to anyone who knows what a case is.

  4. I believe they were selling 12-packs @ 3 for $5, which represents a decent discount. In that case (heh) their two-case limitation makes sense. Three cases for $5 is a pretty incredible deal.

    I think we’re looking at the exit in the second sign. If we were inside wanting out, then seeing this sign would make sense.

    In the third picture … well, it could be freshly seeded. How much sense would a “Stay off the seed” sign make? If things were to work out, it would indeed be grass fairly soon. Then the “stay off the seed” sign would look kinda silly, wouldn’t it?

    There. All fixed, now. 🙂