Silly pics: how people cope in natural disasters


Rule number three for firefighters, Harry.

When you say things can’t get any worse – worse always wins.

India during monsoon season – people keep on working

 I said first reboot your modem, then your router.

I don’t know how it happened, but the guy on the news said it was Stan Andreas fault.

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  1. Oh my gosh, crazy stuff! I hope the guy on the phone was able to reach someone with a rowboat.

  2. A fire Tornado. You don’t see that every day.

  3. Hey dear Rob, I just read your comment on Beeny’s site and then your note to me a while back, and it was so good to hear your honesty the hecticness of life right now. Because I am going through the same thing. I too have ALWAYS been able to add one more thing to my list, do one more thing, but lately I don’t have any more. I was deeply touched by your words and like Benny, you helped me not feel so bad or like I was the only one. I try to stay in the moment and take things one day at a time…if all else fails I read kids books…a bit like going to Mayberry for an hour. I love that you do that. I can SO relate. I too have a whole collection of Andy Griffith DVDs. It truly is relazing and takes us to a time when things were simpler…or at least seemed that way.

    I also LOVED the last picture and especially the caption in this post. I laughed out loud. God love you, it did me good to laugh. Know that you are thought of highly and that your goodness is seen. Hugs to you my friend, Robin

  4. These pictures are capturing unbelievable responses wow!

  5. Mother Nature attacks, humans react, blog visitors laugh.

    Streeeeeetch Your Life

  6. Might as well have a drink before you sink.

  7. im laughing so hard at school lmaooo