Silly Pics (3 pics) :) ;) :0)


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  1. Once 4chan figures out you’re ripping off their pics I dont think they’re going to allow this blog to continue

  2. Thank you, but you are mistaken. I get pictures from many sources. When I can tell the original source I include it. Most of these pics are on numerous sources. I’ve never heard of 4chan. If you or anyone knows of the orignal source of any image for which I have posted, I would be more than happy to provide a link back and credit the source.

  3. Thank you for changing my name on my old pre-algebra quiz!!!!

  4. Hey, Pam.

    Funny. Ha ha ha ha 🙂

  5. Haha expand the function lol!

  6. Hi Roberts,

    I love that first pic the most, glad to see u still locating funny signs.

  7. I can really see me having some fun in photoshop with the first one… like putting a giant hand holding a bunch of little people in front of his mouth ~evil laugh~

  8. lol @ expand the function! 🙂