Silly News 22: death and dying

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  1. You gave me three good laughs on the day back from the beach and for that I thank you.

    Love the idea of the obits being in the Life section. Bahahahahahaha

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. I kinda like the whole life and death thing… I wish they’d put our obituaries in the “Life” section.

  3. Hi Rob! Very interesting post. I like it.

  4. Hi Rob, These are GREAT! I can see that I am going to have to start reading the newspaper. It’s where ALL the action is. LOL
    I especially ought to read the MAINE newspapers where I grew up because they used to have a REAL LIVE gossip section.

    FICTITIOUS EXAMPLE: (Written with a Maine dialect.): “Maaatha Smithaas of Lynchville, Maaaine was seen sneekin’ ova to Henry Abott’s faaaarm shortly afta his wife (Elvira) of 50 yeeears left the house to do her Mondaaay maunin’ shauppin’. Tis said that Henry and Maaatha are cavortin’ behind Elvira’s back.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Seriously, they used to print stuff like that when I grew up in western Maine, or thereabouts.

    Thanks for making my day, Rob, and giving me this chuckle.
    Rob (Robin)