Silly News 28: What’s News in Stupidville


Parents to enroll in Learning Center; Ahhnold cutout taken into custody.

Give me the money or I’ll show my knife again!

Hey, it’s in print – it must be true. Jones is really going to sing with his MOUTH.

She fears the unborn child might get startled by the jackhammers and kick the cigarette out of her hands.

Good buy – 50 chewable razors for only $2.97

outstanding in the field.

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  1. Lol..

    Smoking is better than jackhammers.. Whodathunkit

  2. Yup definitely stupid people. LOL

    The dude trying to rob a drive thru is funny

  3. You should stock up on those chewable razors. One circus sideshow comes to town, and they’ll sell right out, and then it’s back to paying full price for you.

  4. Mom used to give us Flinstone chewable razors. Loved ’em.

  5. rainforestrobin

    The pregnant woman and the jackhammers REALLY REALLY blew my mind. I cannot fathom that. There is no where in my brain that comprehends it. Maybe it was one of those candy cigarettes???…Okay, Okay, even I’m not THAT gullible. LOL 🙂 🙂

  6. This is such unbelievable stuff. Surely people can’t be this stupid and still be able to draw breath. Oops! That wasn’t a nice thing to say now was it?

  7. Oh my goodness, those are hilarious! =P Love your blogs


  8. Funny news..

    If you’re interested in photo blogs and articles.

    Invitation to the death

  9. I might be nervous if I thought Arnold was watching me too!! HA!

    Great post, Rob! Thanks for the daily laugh! 😀

  10. stupid is as stupid does

  11. Did you catch the bit about the kitten with the “rectum problems”? Must not be much going on in that town…