Silly News 18: Nothing says breaking down cultural barriers like “No Canadians please.” (4 pics)

Nothing says breaking down cultural barriers like “No Canadians please.”

The supply truck must have been late again.

Fifth Grader Catherine Johnson (30) tries on a spacesuit worn by astronaut Neil Armstrong when he walked on the moon’s surface . . .


Nice thermometer; What’s the temperature?

Oh, it’s twenty past eight.

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  1. I had no idea Neil Armstrong was stylin’ in a stole when he walked on the moon. What an informative and educational post! ; )

  2. No Canadians please – what a catchy slogan for breaking down cultural barriers and prejudices. They DID say please – LOL!

  3. Ouch! Yes, there are so many barriers in life.

  4. I’m Canadian… I can’t go, I can’t get past the cultural barrier… Sorry.

  5. In Georgia the “Chef Juarez Chinese Restraunt”
    if empty and for lease.

    Too few people stopped.

  6. Rob’s Megaphone loves Canadians.

  7. Don’t laugh – calling someone a Canadian in the southern states nowadays I hear is code for the N-word. They might be a pack of racists.

    – a Canadian

  8. Ian, I am really surprised by your comment. I’ve lived in the south for more than 20 years. I never heard anything against Canadians. I’ve never heard the word Canadian used negatively. I respect your opinion from BC, so I’m really confused as to why this perception exists.

  9. Hi again Robert,

    I read it on the site a few months ago:

    The original article quoted at the bottom of this blog post

    from the National Post is no longer available online, but expands on it more than the cbc one does.

    Urban Dictionary, for what it’s worth – scroll down to number 4:

    If you’ve lived there that long and not heard it, it’s probably only very regional or in certain circles.

  10. Twenty past eight! Wow! That sounds pretty warm… I think? Maybe I better turn on the air conditioner. 😀 Thanks for the laugh!

  11. Haha, thank you. Made part of my day.

  12. Maybe the fifth grader was from the Southern U.S. and was trying on the suit Neil Armstrong was wearing under his spacesuit… since that kind of thing wasn’t so well accepted on Earth at the time.
    I just hope the poor dear wasn’t a customer at Nonna’s… especially if she was a Canadian and trying to dine while World Class was holding a meeting in the next few booths. They had to put the thermometer half price after noticing the slight defect.
    Sorry… just stressed out and feeling goofy.
    Loved the post. 🙂

  13. They are breaking them down 🙂