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  1. Tara Bolton Calliham

    Good morning,

    This is in regards to upcoming events here in Greenwood such as the Festival of Flowers, the Wine Walk and the BBQ Festival. Is there any way we could implement a food drive in with these venues. Imagine the food we could gather as a county for our local food banks if each person that attended these events brought just 1 food item. It could be astounding outcome for the hungry in our community.

    These wheels are turning with a heart for the hungry and needy

    Thank you,

    Tara Bolton Calliham

    • Robert Stevenson

      Beautiful idea, Tara. I’ll ask

    • Robert Stevenson

      Here is the email reply I received, Tara
      “Hi Robert! Please let Ms. Calliham know that we are also looking into the possibility of implementing this into the SC Festival of Discovery. If we are unable to make it work this year, we will definitely try again in 2016..”
      Nice going Tara!!!

      • Tara Bolton Calliham

        Thank you kindly, Robert. Hopefully this will work and be a success. A great opportunity for us all to join together as a community for those less fortunate. Let me know if I can do anything to help. Have a blessed day!


  2. Tara Bolton Calliham

    Thank you Robert. We also have the Festival of Stars in 96 coming up.