Pop goes the post

With the sound of fireworks echoing in the new year, I began to think a little about the word pop. I just let my thoughts drift. “Pop,” I realized was an interesting word, for pop is an example of all of the following:

Onomatopoeia for the sound made when a balloon pops.

Palindrome for pop is spelled the same backwards and forwards

Homonym for pop means to burst, and pop means dad

Colloquialism for pop means soda in certain geographic areas.

Acronym  for pop means  point of presence, an access point to the internet

Abbreviation for pop is short for popular

Jargon  for in baseball a hit which is easily caught is called a  pop fly

Noun for pop means Father

Verb  for pop means to ask as in pop the question

Adjective for pop describes some music

Adverb  for pop describes some verbs as in I’ll pop by


All this writing has made me hungry. Gonna grab some popcorn!

All the Best.



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  1. Sorry, but your adverb use is incorrect. As in “I’ll pop by”, the “pop” is still the main verb, with the “will” as a helping verb. The “by” is the adverb in this phrase meaning “when” the action is taking place.

  2. Nice catch. Thanks