Newsletters, and Dinner and a Movie

Newsletters, and Dinner and a Movie

Greenwood Calendar has two brand new exciting weekly newsletters.  Each Monday morning, subscribers will receive an email newsletter of the week’s events. And on Thursday’s subscribers will receive highlights of the week’s news, features, and videos.

Enter a chance to Win a $25 gift card to Applebee’s of Greenwood and two tickets to REI Cinemas by subscribing (below) and sharing this post.

As always, let me know when you’re through so I can enter your name in the contest.


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  1. I’m through!! Enter me in the contest for dinner and a movie! Thanks!!

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  33. Might want to change this to say, “For a chance” to win, because, as currently written, it sounds as though everyone who subscribes gets the gift card and tickets. You may have some frustrated persons on your hands.

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