Minute with the Mayor – $70 million in pennies

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  1. Brick it with bricks off waller or some or the side streets from the 40s

  2. I am employed by Lander University, and was born and raised here in GreenwoodSC. Listening to these college students including Piedmont Tec and our local high school students. We need retail stores here that will be beneficial for all these students. Our mall is a big joke, so most people shop out of town. When are we ever going to make Greenwood a college town. I was at the Haywood mall in Greenville last year, and heard two Lander students telling a high school student to not even look at Lander because there is nothing to do in Greenwood. Wake up people, we are sitting on a gold mine and all the city council wants is parks and a bigger Humane society, etc. When will our officials start thinking with a 2015 mind, and not with their 1950 mind. The people of this town are tired of the same old tiring ideas. We need competition so some of these big companies that handcuff the consumer with their prices. Look at Old Navy, everyone is complaining because you could go and buy children’s clothes at decent prices. We need some open minded and up to date minds to serve the good people of Greenwood.

  3. Old
    Navy closed primarily because of theft