Minute with Mayor: Confederate Flag

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  1. I Agree, it is time to remove the confederate flag from state Capitol grounds. the flag belongs in the museum as a reminder of a sad history but not as a memorial to be cherished publicly. I see to many symbols of hate on car stickers, flying behind boats on Lake Greenwood, on flag poles and motorcycles, bandanas and more. Put a stop to it. If you don’t want to insult our fellow men, do away with this symbol.

  2. Use your intellect sir… and explain in all clarity exactly WHAT the Confederate Flag had to do with the Charleston Shooter? You say – It was on a plate on his car… How do you know it wasn’t the Make or Model of the car that was the basis of his hate? The gas in his car? What about the T.V. shows he watched? The games he played? The people he hung around?

    Do I make the same type of assumption by listening to you talk that you are indeed part of the Childers’ Family? Sir, You pervert the role of Leadership when you forgo the use of Law to appeal to emotion of democracy within a Republic Nation to stir a pot YOU were elected to maintain.

    Do your Job – LEAD. You are not a “Community Activist”.

    • Great point thank you!!! I thought the same thing what does what the history of the flag have to do with the tag on his car. who says he even put it there maybe he bought the car that way!! Stop with assuming things about a historic flag without factual evidence to support it like studies and data not just looks and one mans opinion

  3. Wonderful to see you take this stand. Thank you…

  4. and I think greenwood needs a new mayor. the plaque that cannot be installed was a complete waste of money. the plaque that’s there now is our history not the new plaque that some wanted. I am in agreement with Curtis the flag had nothing to do with it.he had 2 other flags of that stand for white power (skint heads) and stand for racial hatred why are they not mentioned??? are they afraid that those groups would get affended??? what are you going to do about the son-confederate-veterans when their flag is taken down??? the real problem is him parents didn’t whip his ass when he was a chap along with a lot of the society today.

  5. About 30,000 black people fought and died for that flag. Slavery is not the meaning of the confederate flag. It’s a symbol of the southern states and southern heritage

  6. Mayor I say right on to you. It’s time for this state to do the right thing. We’ve been on the wrong side of this issue forever, so let’s get it right finally.

  7. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. You are a complete idiot if you think that the confederate flag had anything to do with the tragic events unfolding in Charleston. Its people like you that “stir” the pot and keep racial tension going. Don’t try to change our history. Knowing the past helps us move on to the future. Do your job and stop trying to draw attention to Something that’s totally irrelevant. Now that I know where you stand, I can’t wait until re election. Good day

  8. Please do your history research. The flag flying is not the true confederate flag. That flag was originated in Virginia. So tired of this being used as a hate racist flag. My thoughts on this is even if the flag is removed, there will be some other reason for hate and cries of racism. What next, removal of a Christian flag because it offends atheist? We are already bowing to prayer removal from our schools and some of our constitutional rights are trying to be stripped from us. This man was sick, no sane person would do such a terrific injustice to another human. It wasn’t the flag that did this but the person himself. We should be praying for God to make each of us color blind, seems that is the only way that we will live together in this evil world.

  9. myra Williamson

    The shooter had pictures of him holding the Confederate flag. And also pictures of him burning the American flag he made statements in that black people were not as smart as white people ! Now that did not make him kill any one ! But it made him a hateful bigoted boy ! With evil in his heart ! I think it is due Time for the Flag to come off the capital grounds ! People can des play it where ever they w
    ant !