Libby Bartley

Letter to Greenwood from Libby Bartley

There is nothing I can add regarding the unwavering courage and dedication of all of the law enforcement agencies and their officers and searchers, and the volunteer searchers, their kindnesses, and the kindnesses of you, our friends and acquaintances in your prayers, encouragement and support. There will never be a single day of my life from now on that I won’t think of you all and pray for your health and safety and well-being.

What I do wish to mention is something that I have learned about more fully throughout this experience. I’ve learned so much about what generosity of spirit really is. I was blessed with a generous family, including in-laws, who taught me what having a generous spirit meant. And what I have witnessed and experienced since April 19 is the pinnacle of what happens when generous hearts and spirits unite in times of need. I am so grateful to have been married to a man whose generous heart inspired what has been an incomparable example of love.

It humbles me greatly when I realize that I have looked into the face of your generosity and have seen the image of God. Thank you all for everything.

Libby Bartley

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