This Just In: Guess Who’s Building In Greenwood


They like Greenwood so much, they’re building another!

The mall store will be closing but the drive-thru will remain open!

The new store will be a free stander with a play area right in front of the mall!

2015 holds lots of great things for Greenwood.

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  1. New store or 2nd store

  2. I guess this is nice but I really hope that they are not closing the Chic-Fil-A in the mall! Also, I really wish they had of picked a location that would not have so much additional traffic around it already!

  3. This location is way to close to the current drive thru Chick Fil A location! Horrible location pick!!

  4. This is perfect! Moms of little ones will be thrilled!!!

  5. With all the Sykes employees it seems a shame to close the one in the mall because if I got to get in my car to go get lunch anyway…. I’m going to LaHa!!!

  6. Could have picked an area toward the south end of town rather than still being is such close proximity to the other one!

  7. Bummer. Too close to the old chick filet and too much traffic. We really needed one down by the hospital.

  8. Need one on South end of town! Why do you need two less than a mile apart!?! Horrible place to put a new one when you have medical offices on the south end of town that Chick-Fil-A would thrive having a place open near!

  9. We need one on the south side of town near the hospital~~

  10. I agree horrible location.

  11. What traffic?

  12. who makes these decisions? around the mall is so congested now…..

  13. please don’t close the one in the mall that’s the only thing good in that mall …. NEED ONE ON THE SOUTH END OF TOWN!!!

  14. They should have done one new the hospital and left the other ones open.

  15. Horrible location. The one in the mall needs to stay and they need to look into getting one near the hospital. The restaurant would make a killing. For sales reasons, a THIRD Chic-Fil-A would increase sales to a rate that would be unheard of. Hospital employees, patients and visitors would match mall sales alone. Why would I pass a drive through with less traffic to drive to mall, O’Charley’s and Wal-mart traffic for the same food. The person that thought this idea out….. OBVIOUSLY DID NOT!!!

  16. Agreed, we need a sit down Chick-fil-a location, but we do need somewhere good to eat at the mall. The greater need is a Chick-fil-a near the hospital on the south end of town. It makes perfect sense.

  17. Don’t frequent Chick-fil-a very often because it’s a lengthy drive from the south end of town and to go through the Uptown traffic is a negative. Seems as though the plan for the additional site was NOT very well thought out. Please reconsider.