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  1. What would it take to make this a NO KILL Shelter ?

    • For people to take care of their animals and not turn in thousands a year. If it became a no kill, there would be a limit to the number of animals accepted. Once that number was filled they would have to turn animals away. This would increase the number of stay animals running around Gwd due to people not caring for them

    • Greenwood would have to get MUCH better at spaying and neutering their animals.

    • Hi Jeanne — Our vision is for a no-kill community. To reinforce the other replies to your very valid question, pet owners have to participate in spaying/neutering their pets. If you have the opportunity to sit in the shelter intake office on any given day during the summer, you would be astounded by the number of unwanted litters that are brought in. Some are abandoned and found and some are turned in by the owners of the mother dog or cat. Once pet overpopulation is eradicated and shelter intake is reduced to a manageable number, then and only then can the County Shelter be considered “no-kill” or adoption guaranteed. Current no-kill shelters control the number of animals they receive in, which enables their staff to provide better care and avoid euthanasia, except in extreme cases. Thank you for asking the question. We welcome your help to reach our vision by volunteer help. You can contact us at or call the Adoption Center at 864.942.8775.

      Karen Pettay
      HSOG, Executive Director

  2. Greenwood Animal Shelter has the spay/neuter clinic that we always use and is cheaper then vets. I think they need a way to promote it. Our male cat was neutered and had his rabies shot and I think another shot for a reasonable price. We are very pleased with using the spay/neuter clinic by the animal shelter.